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Is to provide new volleyball officials as well as seasoned volleyball officials with educational materials to use to improve their officiating skills.  You won’t get better as an official unless you work at it and are willing to change.

                 MiRefSchool Training Clinics

We will be providing several Official’s clinics this summer at various locations.  

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Mi Ref School

Introduction to officiating





I’ve been regularly attending the weekly on-line MiRefSchool meetings and find the meetings very convenient and informative. They are an excellent way to review my most recent matches, and game situations, and to stay in touch with my fellow officials. During the meetings, there is always good discussion and much to learn from the other official’s experiences. Our trainer, Kent Neitzert, moves the meetings along and his insight and rule knowledge is very helpful. I would encourage anyone, a new or seasoned official, to join these meetings. Randy 

I try to take advantage of all training resources made available to our association members, especially MiRefSchool and the excellent reference materials posted there. During the girls’ high school fall season, Kent Neitzert hosts a weekly Zoom call open to any interested volleyball officials within our association and beyond. He starts the call with a chosen topic using a Power Point presentations, and then opens the forum to hear from the audience about “odd plays” or other learning opportunities that we had recently. Kent’s grasp and practical knowledge go well beyond a recitation of rules applications, and delves into officiating mechanics, professionalism, and efficient game management. Thanks to Kent and his cadre of clinician-level officials in our association, I feel well prepared to work with anyone across the State. I enjoy working directly with Kent because I know his feedback will always be relevant and on-point, with the goal of making me a better official. Brad

MiRefSchool clinic attendee;  The best volleyball training I have had.  for once I was shown where I’m supposed to be and what to look for.  I was sadly lacking in R2 skills. The atmosphere, training at Western was awesome. I know what to do and as you said “mull it over” and think about what you coached me to do and it will make me a better ref.  Great work on your part. thank you, Charlie 

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